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As businesses become more reliant on Information Technology, implementing infrastructures, business continuity and disaster recovery plans with the foresight of scalability is imperative. Projects I implement deliver maximum uptime and ensure my clients are able to expand with ease, resulting in them meeting customer needs and expectations.

Below are examples of some projects I have previously managed:
Just Eat Cisco Microsoft Dell office relocation Office relocations for Just Eat to Farringdon and Borehamwood

Due to the rapid growth of Just-Eat, a number of office relocations were required. The Tech team was to be relocated to Farringdon (Central London) whilst their HQ (based in Edgware) was required to be relocated to Borehamwood (North London). These office relocations involved the migration of a busy contact centre which received thousands of calls a day and highly paid technical staff - any downtime would be hugely costly for the business.

I was responsible and lead the technical aspects of these relocations which included:

Architectural, Power and Security:
- 2 new server rooms designed and built to include APC environmental monitoring devices, sufficient air cooling via air conditioning units and toughened wired glass for security.
- Security access control systems, centrally controlled by Just-Eat Technical members of staff.
- Power redundancy for the contact centre was provided via the use of PC based and server based UPS’s, allowing the contact centre to continue to operate in the event of a total power outage.
- A/V installs included projectors and LCD presentation screens.

Infrastructure and Communications:
- Installation of a new Cisco CallManager telephony system roll-out alongside Zeacom software for up to 400 users.
- Implementation of resilient 100mb fiber connections (MPLS) backed up via dedicated business ADSL.
- Installations of BT ISDN lines.
- CAT5e office and server room cabling.
- Cisco and Dell Networking hardware Switches, Wireless Access Points and Firewalls.
- Dell servers and Backup tape devices.
- New Microsoft domains.

Vendor selection, contract review and 3rd party service provider management was lead by myself. These relocations were delivered with zero downtime.

Just-Eat VMWare PlatformQA/Testing/UAT infrastructure:
An infrastructure which allowed developers to deploy code prior to going live was required by Just-Eat, previously code was directly deployed to the live website introducing many bugs and regressions thus impacting customers and the website stability.

I managed a team to deliver 2 virtual platforms based on VMWare, this massively helped the Testing processes and resulted in a smoother deployment process.

Customer's received a much better experience due to the minimal number of bugs and Just-Eat benefitted from the added stability.

Just Eat Worldwide Monitoring - PingdomWorldwide monitoring:
As the Just-Eat platform catered for many countries worldwide, I felt it to be imperative to have monitoring setup across the world to our websites. Post a vendor selection management process it was decided to implement a reasonably priced service named Pingdom which alerted Just-Eat staff via Smartphone apps, SMS and Email in the event of any loss of service.

This level of monitoring allowed us to troubleshoot and diagnose outages and report on our uptime from a customer’s perspective.

Microsoft Dynamics LogoMigration of account system
I migrated the financial system (C5 – based on Microsoft Dynamics) from legacy and non-supported hardware to newly deployed and faster performing hardware with better supported hardware SLA’s.

The migration completed on time and within budget.
Just Eat Security ProjectSecurity Project
Added security was required by Just Eat for a number of legacy application, CRM and surveillance websites used by staff to access customer and order information. Despite a member of staff having to enter a unique username and password I decided to only allow access to these sites via secure channels such as Site-to-Site VPN or Dial-Up VPN.

Changes were implemented to Cisco and Juniper Firewalls, DNS modification and staff training was delivered during this process with zero downtime to the business.
Just Eat Exchange migrationExchange migration
Just like many other businesses, email is a crucial part of Just-Eat's communications therefore a requirement for the legacy Exchange server to be upgraded to include greater Business Continuity, Disaster Recover and High Availability.

I managed the migration to a virtualised environment from Exchange server 2003 to 2007. The impact to the business was zero downtime.
blinkBox Limelight CDN CDN implementation for blinkBox Entertainment
blinkBox wished to deliver their content to end users with speed and in a cost efficient manner, implementing a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service with Limelight Networks allowed us to do this.

Not only did this service reduce bandwidth costs by 81% but also provided their customers a smoother user experience.

Blinkbox office relocation Office relocations for blinkBox Entertainment
I relocated blinkBox to three different London based offices. These relocations required challenging negotiations with technology and building service providers enabling me to deliver on time and within budget.

Projects included implementation, installation and management of Avaya telephone systems, BT Redcare services, installation of leased lines, CAT6 cabling, Audio/Video services and managing the build of a server room with architects.
Woolworths Apple Project Apple X Serve and X RAID implementation for Woolworths HQ
Due to the rise in cost of courier services and requirement for a more efficient and resourceful network, Woolworths and Braitrim required an infrastructure which enabled designers to be able to share, edit and print documents with fellow internationally based designers effortlessly.

Apple X Serve and X RAID technologies were integrated into the current Windows and CISCO networks. From the designer’s point of view, this solution not only met the efficiency and flexibility they required but also provided real-time backup and printing services, strengthening their Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery procedures.